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The forecasting of Shanghai index trend based on genetic algorithm and back propagation Artificial neural network algorithm
This thesis presents a BP Artificial neural network prediction modeling method for forecasting the trend of Shanghai index, and then uses the genetic algorithm to optimize the BP network parameters, weight and structure. Expand
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The application of pipeline technology: An overview
  • Liu Yizhen, L. Lin, Wu Jun
  • Computer Science
  • 6th International Conference on Computer Science…
  • 26 September 2011
This paper introduces the history of its development, and analyzes its application in both aspects of hardware and software of computer, such as CPU, FPGA, DSP calculation and parallel database query optimization. Expand
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Studies on the Synergistic Effects of Chlorantraniliprole and Beta-cypermethrin on Heortia vitessoides Moore
The synergistic effects of Chlorantraniliprole,Beta-cypermethrin,and their mixtures on Heortia vitessoides were tested in the laboratory by the leaf-dipping method.The results showed that the LC50 ofExpand
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Electrical properties of x-ray detector based on bismuth tri-iodide single crystal with electrode configuration considering
Bismuth tri-iodide (BiI3) single crystals for x-ray detectors application were grown by using physical vapor transport method. Detectors with different electrode configuration were fabricated forExpand
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Pest risk analysis of Marumba dyras from Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province
Marumba dyras species which belongs to Sphingidae family, Marumba genera is a vital leaf pest. The potential risk level of the pest in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province was analyzed and assessedExpand
The responses of growth and vegetative reproduction of wetland plants in Poyang Lake to duration of submergence
Flooding strongly determines the distribution and abundance of wetland plants, such as like the zonation along a wetland shoreline. However, the mechanism of flooding affecting the distribution ofExpand