Liu Yanheng

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A novel two-dimensional IPPCT (2D_IPPCT) and a multi-dimensional IPPCT (MD_IPPCT) are presented in this paper. 2D_IPPCT structure has greater data rate. It is proved that under the circumstances of the same number of leaf nodes, the data rate of MD_IPPCT will increase to a limit with dimension number n increasing and this limit is also computed. Moreover,(More)
Considering three important properties of software watermarks, resilience, stealth and data rate, a new static watermarking scheme based on Chinese Remainder Theorem is proposed. The idea of secret sharing is introduced to the watermark division and retrieval, and the watermark retrieval based on the partial values has great robust. The watermark coding(More)
This paper first gives an analysis of data aggregation and data compression based on the energy consumption of sensor nodes, after which an approach is proposed to construct an aggregation tree in the case of non-perfect aggregation since GIT considers only the case of perfect aggregation and it does not work well if the aggregation is non-perfect. An(More)
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