Liu Xuedong

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The measure of detecting the surface edge information of cold-roll steel sheets has been investigated rely on the digital image processing toolbox of the mathematic software MATLAB, and the edge detecting experiment of surface grayscale image has been conducted on the computer. The method of detecting defects such as black flecks and scratching has been(More)
Motion segmentation is an important task in video comprehension and object based video coding. This paper proposes a fast motion segmentation algorithm based on hypothesis test. At first, statistical model of camera noise is obtained offline. Then, pixels are classified into the moving and still by hypothesis test and a binary mask image is generated.(More)
There are three species of bears in China, brown bear (Ursus arctos), black bear (Selenarctos thibetanus) and sun bear (Helarctos malayanus). From 1991 to 1994, the investigation of bears organized by CWCA (China wildlife Conservation Association) was conducted in 22 provinces of China. The results showed that the distribution area of bears had been changed(More)
Low-ion-density discontinuous polyacrylamide electrophoresis (pH 8.0) of LDH from different tissues of four species (Tetrastes bonasia, Chrysolophus pictus, Phasians colchicus, Gallus gallus domesticus) in Galliformes showed that this electrophoresis system was suitable for analysing avian LDH. Thermostability to heat and nonsusceptibility to urea(More)
A two-period duopoly competition model is developed to analyze the behaviours of and motivations for both Chinese and European firms under European Union antidumping policies. Based on this, we bring forward some suggestions for Chinese firms to cope with EU antidumping. We get the following vital conclusions: when Chinese firms anticipate AD measures from(More)
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