Liu Xue Zhong

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In various applications of wireless sensor network, sensor nodes must know their location information to fulfill further assignments such as target real-time monitoring and target tracking. In this paper, a new node self-localization algorithm based on the received signal strength indicator (RSSI) is proposed. The new algorithm takes both triangle centroid(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the cytotoxic mechanism of cadmium (Cd) on cerebral cortical neurons. METHODS The primary cultures of rat cerebral cortical neurons were treated with different concentrations of cadmium acetate (0, 5, 10, and 20 micromol/L), and then the cell viability, apoptosis, ultrastructure, intracellular [Ca2+], and reactive oxygen species(More)
Inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) imaging of the fast-moving target is a very important task for many military and civilian applications such as satellite. This correspondence investigates the ISAR echo signal model of fast-moving target and analyzes its impacts on ISAR images firstly. The results show that the echo signal of each scatterer point of(More)
A common objective in simulation is enhanced understanding of a system; an opened model which can be storage, retrieval, sharing, and invocation in a distributed environment and among Web-based component applications is essential for this objective. As the development of Internet and WWW, the actions in the WWW are not only the human-machine interaction,(More)
The processing of XML documents has been regarded as the performance bottleneck in most systems and applications. A number of techniques have been developed to improve the performance of XML processing, ranging from the schema-specific model to the streaming-based model to the hardware acceleration. These methods only address parsing and scheduling the XML(More)
In order to solve the problems of evaluating system security threat in the complex system, a novel system security threat model based on the attacking-tree graph is proposed in this paper. In this model, an evaluating standard of the feasibility and harmful level of the vulnerability exploitation is given. Then an attacking-tree graph of the target system(More)
Image stitching is used to combine several individual images having some overlap into a composite image. In this paper, a novel wavelet based seamless image stitching algorithm is introduced, where the dissimilarity is defined in the gradient and curvature domain. In order to reduce the artifacts in image stitching due to the misalignment of image(More)
In this paper, we introduce the basic concepts in a Multi-Agent System (MAS), and propose an organization model based upon self-similar entities called holons, whose concept itself integrates both the agent aspect and organizational aspect of the MAS. By discarding the concept of role which is widely used in traditional methods of agent organization design,(More)
Based on the analysis of long-range anti-ship precision strike process, this paper analyzed the effect factors of target acquisition probability of long-range anti-ship missile, deeply studied the effect of firing data error, auto-control endpoint dispersion error, target avoidance maneuver on the longrange anti-ship missile target acquisition probability(More)
Natural language ontology is divided into meaning-ontology and semantic-ontology, meaning-ontology including the concepts of the subject, object and SPR (semanteme pointing to the relation) and the semantic relation of related, anti-related, share, and anti-sharing, and then generate 24 meaning meta-attributes, semantic-ontology including the concepts of(More)