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Prevalence of the Metabolic Syndrome among rural original adults in NingXia, China
BackgroundMetabolic syndrome (MS) is combination of medical disorders that increase people's risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus. Little data exists on the prevalence of MS of ruralExpand
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Correlation analysis of obesity and LPL gene polymorphism
Objective To explore the correlation of lipoprotein lipase gene polymorphism and obesity and analyze the influence of LPL gene on the serum lipid level.Methods By PCR restriction fragment lengthExpand
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Theoretical studies on hydrogen adsorption of single-walled boron-nitride and carbon nanotubes using grand canonical Monte Carlo method
Abstract Using grand canonical Monte Carlo (GCMC) simulations, the physisorptions of hydrogen storage in single-walled boron–nitride nanotubes (SWBNNTs) and single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs)Expand
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The application of the grey relational analysis in the credit evaluation of group enterprises
With the exposure of serious problems in a series of enterprise groups such as Lantian Group, Yinguangxia Group, Delong and Nanhai huaguang Group, the credit risks stand out for those commercialExpand
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Effects of Cistanchis Glycosides on Learning and Memory in Mice
Objective To observe effects of cistanchis glycosides on the learning and memory function of normal mice. Methods The ability of learning and memory was measured with the water maze test andExpand
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Expression of BRMS1mRNA in Breast Carcinoma and Its Clinical Significance
[Purpose] To investigate BRMS1 gene expression in breast cancer and its clinical significance. [Methods] Total RNA was extracted with Trizol. mRNA was transcribed reversely into cDNA. BRMS1 wasExpand
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The Estimate Model for Chlorophyll-a Content of Young Camphor on the Base of Characteristic Variable of Hyperspectra
The young camphor has been selected as interesting object,and the spectral reflectance of canopy has been measured by ASD Handheld Spectrometer in field.The chlorophyll-a contents have been measuredExpand
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Hydrogen storage in BC 3 composite single-walled nanotube:a combined density functional theory and Monte Carlo investigation
This paper applies a density functional theory (DFT) and grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations (GCMC) to investigate the physisorptions of molecular hydrogen in single-walled BC3 nanotubes andExpand
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Comparative theoretical study of hydrogen storage in single-walled boron-nitride and carbon nanotubes
Using the grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations (GCMC), the physisorption storage of hydrogen in single-walled boron-nitride nanotubes (SWBNNTs) and single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) isExpand
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Bamboo Fiber and Spinning Technology
Bamboo fiber is a new type of green fiber which has a broad development perspective.The classifications,processing methods,the structures and functions were introduced.The development direction wasExpand