Liu Xin

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A traditional approach to reasoning about the trustworthi-ness of a transaction is to determine the trustworthiness of the specific agent involved, based on its past behavior. As a departure from such traditional trust models, we propose a transaction centered trust model (MetaTrust) where an agent uses its previous transactions to assess the(More)
Audio steganography with AES for real-time covert voice over internet protocol communications. Optimal pilots design for frequency offsets and channel estimation in OFDM modulated single frequency networks. Load diversity based optimal processing resource allocation for super base stations in centralized radio access networks. The relationship between(More)
High-mobility group box 2 (HMGB2) is a nonhistone architectural protein that plays important roles in many biological processes. In this study, we cloned a homologue of the HMGB2 from the lymphocyte-like cells of Lampetra japonica (L. japonica). Sequence analysis reveals that L. japonica HMGB2 contains two highly conserved motifs and shares more than 70 %(More)