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Study on Seedling Regeneration of Arbor and Shrub in Logging Gaps in Populus davidiana-Betula platyphylla Secondary Forests in Changbai Mountain
Regeneration in relation to logging gaps sizes and ages was investigated in Populus davidiana-Betula platyphylla secondary forests in Changbai Mountain.The research result showed that there wereExpand
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Investigating the CYP2E1 Potential Role in the Mechanisms Behind INH/LPS-Induced Hepatotoxicity
Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the oldest infectious diseases that affected humankind and remains one of the world’s deadliest communicable diseases that could be considered as global emergency, but theExpand
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Effect of annealing on structural, optical and electrical properties of CdS thin films grown by ILGAR
CdS thin films were deposited by ILGAR(ion lay gas reaction) method. The effect of annealing temperature under N2 atmosphere on the structural, chemical, topographical development and optical andExpand
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Nano-graphite synthesized by explosive detonation and its application in preparing diamond under high-pressure and high-temperature
In this article, preparation of nano-graphite powders in a steel chamber by using pure TNT (trinitrotoluene) explosives has been reported. X-ray diffraction results indicated that the black solidExpand
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Establishment of Fluorescent SSR Techni que on Detecting Allelic Frequency in Maize (Zea mays L.) Populations with Bulk Sampling Strategy
Objective) The objective was to establish the detecting method on allele frequencies in bulk samples. (Method) The abundance of the PCR products in bulk samples were used to represent the frequenciesExpand
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On the Turning Point of Plato's Construction from
禤armenides》 has the special position in Plato's all works. As an important work in the period when Plato's construction of ontology has a great turning point,《Parmenides》 has the obvious theoreticalExpand
The Optimization Design of Lift Distribution and Propeller Performance for Rotor/Wing Compound Helicopter
For Rotor/wing compound helicopter, build a calculation model of required power and put up a kind of lift distribution strategy between the rotor and the wing and analyze it in different flight status. Expand