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Element Geochemistry Characteristics of Karstic Cave Deposit in Tahe Oilfield and Its Environmental Significance
Tahe Oilfield lies in southwest margin of Akekur Salient in north Tarim basin.Meteoric water karstification because of intensive uplift during Caledonian-Hercynian period,extensive transgression inExpand
The Spatial Distribution Pattern Analysis of Population in Loess Plateau Region Based on Nature Suitability for Human Settlement
For the necessity of natural environment evaluation of human settlements,by choosing terrain,land cover,disasters,climates and water condition as the evaluation factors,based on GeographicExpand
Dynamics of an Ultracold Bose Gas in Funnel-Shaped Potential
In this paper we develop a variational theory to study the dynamic properties of ultracold Bose gas in a funnel external potential. We obtain one-dimensional nonlinear equation which describes theExpand
Huyuan’s Emotion Towards Huzhou
Huyuan, a famous scholar, an outstanding educator and thinker in the early period of the North Song Dynasty, once taught in Suzhou, Huzhou and the Central College for over twenty year, especially heExpand
Skepticism Cultivation in Undergraduate Teaching of Petroleum Geology Specialty
Innovation originating from the skepticism is the key to developing science and technology.The discipline location of petroleum geology is a strategic discipline related to the economy developmentExpand
Study on the Influencing Factors and Fracture Location in Tensile Property of PS Dumb-bell Specimens
The dumb-bell pressing specimens with the different transitionary structures were prepared by using self-made positive compression mold.The micro morphology was analyzed by the impact test andExpand
Quality Standard for Suanzaoren Granules
Objective:To establish quality standard for Suanzaoren Granules.Method:Smilax Sapogenin in Rhizoma anemarrhenae was determined by HPLC-ELSD.Senmen ziziphi spinosae,Rhizoma anemarrhenae wereExpand
Homocysteine and Mild Vascular Cognitive Impaimlent
Hyperhomocysteinemia is an important independent risk factor for cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. Studies in recent years have suggested that hyperhomocysteinemia is also an independent risk factorExpand
Electronic structure and magnetism of the double perovskite SrKFeWO 6
The crystal structure,electronic structure and magnetism of the double perovskite Sr 2 FeWO 6 and SrKFeWO 6 have been investigated under the framework of density functional theory (DFT) with theExpand
Influence of P_2O_5 in Crystal Lattice on Gypsum Properties and Its Mechanisms
The gypsum samples with a high content of P2O5 in crystal lattice were prepared with analytical reagents under simulated conditions of P2O5 in crystal lattice formation.Then the samples were calcinedExpand