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active measurement model for software process control and improvement. Abstract: This paper presents an active measurement model (AMM) for software process control and improvement, and the related measurement method. AMM formally describes the goal, feature, and indicator of software process, and their relationship. AMM also provides some principles,(More)
A comparative study on face recognition based on two methods, SVM of One-against-One method and SVM of One-against-Rest method, has been carried out in this paper. Our method consists of three parts: Firstly, the image robustness on illumination and posture has been improved by the processing of the Gabor wavelet. Secondly, the bilateral 2DLDA technique on(More)
This paper for the shortcomings of conventional BP algorithm which has slow convergence and falls into local minimum easily, the nonlinear self-feedback term is introduced into this algorithm. Thus chaotic BP algorithm(CBPA) is given. The weight of fuzzy neural network(FNN) is trained and learned by using it. Thus an introduction-type fuzzy chaotic neural(More)
As the selection of the membership function affects the performance of fuzzy control system in the modeling of adaptive fuzzy inference, a kind of Gaussian-type membership function is proposed in this paper. It can change the shape of membership function Adaptively with the changes of the system parameters, then the establishment of adaptive fuzzy inference(More)
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