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The effects of moisture availability on clonal growth and biomass investment in the bamboo Pleioblastus maculata were investigated over a four-year period by transplanting Pleioblastus maculata clones into soils with different levels of moisture availability in the field. The results showed that: (1) The higher the moisture availability, the greater the(More)
The Yellow River Delta (YRD) is a typical agricultural and petrochemical industrial area of China. To assess the current status of phthalate esters (PAEs) of soil residues, soil samples (0∼20 cm) (n = 82) were collected in Bincheng District, at the geographic center of the YRD. PAEs were detected in all topsoil samples analyzed, which indicated that PAEs(More)
Beryllium-10 surface exposure dating of offset moraines on one branch of the Karakorum Fault west of the Gar basin yields a long-term (140- to 20-thousand-year) right-lateral slip rate of approximately 10.7 +/- 0.7 millimeters per year. This rate is 10 times larger than that inferred from recent InSAR analyses ( approximately 1 +/- 3 millimeters per year)(More)
The relationship between the eye movement experiment and the quantitative evaluation of the visibility and usability of the fighter cockpit digital interface is put forward. After analyzing the data of the eye movement experiment of simulated fighter cockpit digital interface, we can demonstrate that the four kinds of quantitative data of the eye movement(More)
The long-term fixation of poly(vinyl alcohol) PVA hydrogels cartilage implants on ambient tissue is a difficult problem, which is one of the obstacles for PVA hydrogels to be used as articular cartilage implants. In this work, a novel bioactive PVA/HA hydrogel was prepared by the in situ sol-gel synthesis method. Simulated experiments were performed to(More)
Ever since the development of alkali treatment methods for improving the gel strength of Gracilaria agar, the position of Gracilaria in the agar industry has changed markedly for the better, becoming a good and important raw material for agar production. Reports have shown that agar of excellent quality, superior in some respects to Gelidium agar, can be(More)
Based on the salt-tolerance identification of a series of cucumber rootstock varieties, the cucumber cultivar 'Xintaimici' grafted on different salt-tolerant rootstock varieties 'Sherpa', 'Shintosa' , 'Tielizhen' , and 'Figleaf gourd' was selected to study its seedlings physiological responses to NaCl stress, taking the self-rooted ones as the control.(More)
In the process of air blower design, splitter blades could be adopted in the middle of rotator to improve the air blower performance. In order to understand the flow pattern in the high-pressure centrifugal blower of 9–26 type with splitter blade thoroughly, the three dimensional air flows in the air blower is numerically simulated and analyzed with(More)
We propose a novel texture feature extraction technique based on coefficients' co-occurrence histogram of discrete wavelet frame transformed image, which capture the information about relationship between each high frequency subband and the low frequency subband of the decomposed image at the corresponding level. It is not independently utilizing the(More)