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A novel gene related to heavy-metal transport was cloned and identified from the filamentous cyanobacterium Oscillatoria brevis. Sequence analysis of the gene (the Bxa1 gene) showed that its product possessed high homology with heavy-metal transport CPx-ATPases. The CPC motif, which is proposed to form putative cation transduction channel, was found in the(More)
A DNA nanopolylinker was designed as a three dimensional nanoprobe with high loading of signal molecules for amplifying the biosensing signal. The nanoprobe was prepared by hybridization chain reaction engineering dsDNA polymerization on initiator DNA modified Au nanoparticle with two kinds of small molecule, for example, FITC-labeled DNA hairpins. The(More)
We introduce a transmit preprocessing technique for the downlink of multi-user LDC (Linear Dispersed Code) and SM (Spatial Multiplexing) combined system, in which complete channel state information is available to the base transceiver station (BTS). The preprocessing technique can not only effectively cancels co-channel interference (CCI) thus enabling(More)
With the development of IP technology, the popularity of VoIP voice service is increasing fast. In the fourth generation mobile communication system, the voice service is transformed into IP service, and transmits voice data using IP network. However, due to the feature of the best effort service in packet-based network, many network parameters such as(More)
This paper presents a new optimized method for wireless sensor network, which can be used in video surveillance systems. The new algorithm involves two steps. In the first step, the system integrates the time filtration and proportion of reliability weight, in order to intelligently merge and reinforce the results of kinds of sensors. In the second step, it(More)
At present, Ship IC Cards were adopted by all of the ships sailing on the Yangtze River, this greatly promotes the development of informatization of shipping system in Yangtze River. This paper proposed a Ship IC Card remote reading technical framework based on Android Hand-held Terminal. By utilizing Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi wireless communication technology(More)
Aiming at the design of the small PLC timer system, based on the analysis of operational characteristics of PLC timer and the process of PLC user timer program and the data transmission requirements of PLC user program execution module and the timer, a method which applies the FPGA Parallel algorithm to designing small PLC timer system, is presented. The(More)
MapReduce based graph learning algorithm is applied to the identification of technological gatekeepers in large-scale technological information flow network across large number of enterprises of several industries. Experiments show that the efficiency of Multi Adjacency Matrix algorithm is one time higher than PEGASUS. The effects of the number of cluster(More)