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Optimal Design of Compliant Trailing Edge for Shape Changing
Abstract Adaptive wings have long used smooth morphing technique of compliant leading and trailing edge to improve their aerodynamic characteristics. This paper introduces a systematic approach toExpand
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MicroRNA‐212 inhibits proliferation of gastric cancer by directly repressing retinoblastoma binding protein 2
Retinoblastoma binding protein 2 (RBP2), a newly found histone demethylase, is overexpressed in gastric cancer. We examined the upstream regulatory mechanism of RBP2 at the microRNA (miRNA) level andExpand
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Culture model of Cherax quadricarinatus: Temporary shelter in shed and pond culture
Abstract The redclaw crayfish, Cherax quadricarinatus, is a valuable freshwater shrimp species with outstanding advantages and broad prospects for aquaculture. The culture of this crayfish has beenExpand
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A Deep Learning Approach for Digital Hologram Speckle Noise Reduction
We have previously proposed spectral convolutional neural network for digital hologram speckle noise reduction using only a single hologram. Expand
FESS-based comprehensive control of grid-connecting wind power
A comprehensive control strategy based on FESS(Flywheel Energy Storage System) is presented to respond to the grid frequency variation while smooth the wind power fluctuation. The response process ofExpand
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角蛋白18(K18)是角蛋白的一种,为中间纤维蛋白,是细胞骨架的组成部分。为了解泥鳅(Misgurnus anguillicaudatus)K18序列特征及其在不同组织中的表达,研究采用3'-和5'-RACE法克隆K18基因c DNA全长序列,并运用实时荧光定量PCR技术探讨其在不同组织中的表达。结果表明,泥鳅K18基因c DNA全长序列1 694 bp,其中包含开放阅读框1Expand