Liu Shanzeng

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The dynamics of 3-DOF spatial parallel manipulators with flexible links were performed. Firstly, a model of spatial flexible beam element was proposed, and the dynamic equations of elements and branches of the parallel manipulator were derived. Secondly, using the kinematic and dynamic constraint equations of the parallel manipulator, the overall system(More)
With the increasing requirements of high precision and high efficiency, the flexible parallel robot characterized by both the flexible robot and the parallel robot will be a new hot topic in robotics research. The primary goal of this research is the dynamic simulation of 3-RSR flexible parallel robot. Firstly, the virtual prototype of a 3-RSR parallel(More)
In applications where high structural stiffness, position accuracy, speed motion, and good dynamic performance are predominant requirements, parallel manipulators offer obvious advantages over serial ones. However, dynamic modeling and analysis of parallel manipulator, which are characterized by multiple closed-loop chains, are generally more complex than(More)
The primary goal of this research is dynamics modeling and analysis of spatial parallel manipulator with flexible links. A new model of spatial finite element beam model is proposed. The kinematic constraint conditions of the moving platform and the branches of the spatial flexible parallel manipulator are derived. The dynamic model of the moving platform(More)
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