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The typeⅡCRISPR/Cas9 system (Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats /CRISPR-associated 9) has been widely used in bacteria, yeast, animals and plants as a targeted genome editing technique. In previous work, we have successfully knocked out the endogenous phytoene dehydrogenase (PDS) gene in Populus tomentosa Carr. using this system. To(More)
Brain imaging data such as EEG or MEG is high-dimensional spatiotemporal measurements that commonly require dimensionality reduction before being used for further analysis or applications. This paper presents a new dimensionality reduction method based on the recent graph signal processing theory. Specifically, we focus on a task to classify the brain(More)
The maintenance works of products are so heavy that they have to be considered as one of the most important work in the designing phase of products. This paper classifies the human factors requirement in the repair processes of products. The evaluation methods and the requirements of the human factors in maintainability design are studied. This paper(More)
We propose an algorithm to uncover the intrinsic low-rank component of a high-dimensional, graph-smooth and grossly-corrupted dataset, under the situations that the underlying graph is unknown. Based on a model with a low-rank component plus a sparse perturbation, and an initial graph estimation, our proposed algorithm simultaneously learns the low-rank(More)
With the increasing investment sale and improving technology level of the construction project, it has been a universal phenomenon that several construction enterprises jointly completed a large-sale project. Therefore, the problem of construction contractor's selection has emerged. In this paper, the construction contractor's selection and optimization(More)
The power sector development is crucial to sustain the faster economic growth of the Asian region. PPP project financing becomes a main way of the power project developing. In PPP project financing schemes, effective project risk factors analysis is the key to ensure the project success. Due to lacking generally accepted evaluating standards, the effect of(More)
For practical reasons, network simulators have to be designed on traffic models as realistic as possible. This paper presents the evaluation of a realistic IP structure model that accurately captures the packet on interactions of a range of applications. Through automatically extracted distributions of user, application, and network behavior, it then(More)
The China's South-to-North Water Diversion Project is the largest water transfer project in the world which was paid more attentions on by thousands of peoples. The important task of project manager is to control project cost and duration. It is the most concerned question with the project managers which factors seriously affect the duration and cost. In(More)