Liu Rui

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Aldose reductase (AR), a member of the aldo-keto reductase family, has been implicated in the development of vascular and neurological complications of diabetes. Recently, we demonstrated that aldose reductase is a component of myocardial ischemic injury and that inhibitors of this enzyme protect rat hearts from ischemia-reperfusion injury. To rigorously(More)
Recent studies demonstrated that the heart of 1-day-old neonatal mice could regenerate, with Wt1(+) EPDCs migrating into myocardial regions after partial surgical resection, but this capacity was lost by 7 days of age. By treatment with Tβ4 to maintain Wt1 expression and retain the migrating feature of EPDCs in neonatal mice, we explored the possibility of(More)
Brain imaging data such as EEG or MEG is high-dimensional spatiotemporal measurements that commonly require dimensionality reduction before being used for further analysis or applications. This paper presents a new dimensionality reduction method based on the recent graph signal processing theory. Specifically, we focus on a task to classify the brain(More)
With the increasing investment sale and improving technology level of the construction project, it has been a universal phenomenon that several construction enterprises jointly completed a large-sale project. Therefore, the problem of construction contractor's selection has emerged. In this paper, the construction contractor's selection and optimization(More)
We propose an algorithm to uncover the intrinsic low-rank component of a high-dimensional, graph-smooth and grossly-corrupted dataset, under the situations that the underlying graph is unknown. Based on a model with a low-rank component plus a sparse perturbation , and an initial graph estimation, our proposed algorithm simultaneously learns the low-rank(More)
In this paper, an algorithm for estimating fundamental matrix based on removing the exceptional points is proposed. It uses normalized 8-point algorithm to estimate the initial value of the fundamental matrix, and then refines it by eliminating the exceptional points. Furthermore, the Genetic Algorithm(GA) is used to optimize the initial fundamental matrix(More)
Grey incidence analysis, one content of grey system theory, has been widely applied in many fields and gotten a lot of beneficial results. The fundamental idea of grey incidence analysis is that the closeness of the relationship is judged based on the similarity level of the geometric patterns of sequence curves. The more similar the curves are, the higher(More)
This paper mainly considered the Satellite components sensor location method considering time delay of the system information transmission under diagnostic criteria. A method of transferring the dynamic signed directed graph (SDG) to the static SDG was proposed. After that, technique on sensor location was researched using the static SDG. Means of defining(More)