Liu Quan

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In this paper, we propose a new video watermarking algorithm based on shot segmentation and block classification to enhance the robustness, imperceptibility and real-time performance based on the H.264/AVC codec. A method of selecting host frames is proposed based on shot segmentation to avoid embedding watermark frame by frame, so as to improve the(More)
  • 认知无线电网络信道交汇研究综述, 英文引用格式 Liu, Zhao Gs, Wang Xd, Zhou Xm, Liu Quan +3 others
  • 2014
Cognitive radio technology is regarded as the most promising technique to solve the problem of ultra-low utilization efficiency of wireless spectrum resources. Based on this technology, cognitive radio networks (CRNs) effectively improve utilization efficiency of licensed spectrum through dynamic spectrum access. However, the resultant dynamic channel(More)
—Causality diagram theory is a kind of uncertainty reasoning theory based on the belief network. It expresses the knowledge and causality relationship by diagrammatic form and direct causality intensity. Furthermore, it resolves the shortages of the belief network, and realizes a hybrid model which can process discrete and continuous variations. The theory(More)
  • Liu Quan, Ji-Gui Sun, Wang Song-Jiang
  • 2003
This paper introduces an algorithm based on equivalence classes for tableau with equality ——CECA, which using the method based on the transformation into disjunctions of inequalities and the calculation of equivalence classes. It restrict equality applications and to avoid the generation of useless new formulae. It is possible to restrict search space. In(More)
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