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On the basis of the comparison between general search engines and vertical search engines, the development of vertical search engines will be discussed. After the introduction of the theory and algorithms of reinforcement learning, the reinforcement learning methods will be applied to the spider, a vertical search engine, as a new technology. This will(More)
  • Ketaki N. Bhoyar, Lifang Wua, +21 authors Sang-Ho LeequotAuthentication
  • 2012
Locking folders effectively protects data from malicious programs, such as Viruses, Worms, and Trojans. Biometric template protection is a hot topic of research recently. Fuzzy vault is a recently developed construct which binds secret key (Password) and biometric information to provide template protection. In this paper we propose a biometric folder(More)
Reinforcement learning is learning what to do--how to map situations to actions--so as to maximize a numerical reward signal. In allusion to the problem that Q-Learning, which uses discount reward as the evaluation criterion, cannot show the affect of the action to the next situation, the paper puts forward AR-Q-Learning based on the average reward and(More)
Cognitive radio technology is regarded as the most promising technique to solve the problem of ultra-low utilization efficiency of wireless spectrum resources. Based on this technology, cognitive radio networks (CRNs) effectively improve utilization efficiency of licensed spectrum through dynamic spectrum access. However, the resultant dynamic channel(More)
With the prevalence of the massive online databases, the web has become more and more deepened. Up to now, there exists lots of work which has been done in integration of query interface and extraction of query results. Because most web pages are unstructured and dynamic, the discovery and extraction of query interfaces become the essential question needed(More)
Existing mobile ad-hoc routing protocols are based on a discrete, bimodal model for links between nodes: a link either exists or is broken. This model cannot distinguish transmissions which fail due to interference or congestion from those which fail due to their target being out of transmission range. A statistical network link model is introduced to(More)
Deep web can hold a lot of information with good quality and special subject, but there would be some inconsistent problems such as dynamic, inconsistency and uncertainty in deep web search. As a result, it is of great theoretic value and realistic importance to represent the huge inconsistent knowledge underneath the deep web with more reasonable(More)
With the rapid development of IT technology, more and more e-commerce databases are available in the Internet. These databases are Web-accessible through form-based search interfaces. In order to get useful information, users need to send their request to different search-forms. Therefore, providing an integrated search system of these databases is of great(More)
Recently, the discovery of Deep Web data source and domain-relevant issue attract more and more attentions. This paper proposed a method using multi-classifier to discover and classify the data source of Deep Web. Firstly, It used Naïve bays classifier to class the page into domain relevance or not. Secondly, improved C4.5 Decision tree algorithm was(More)
Agent model is the foundation for studying of multi-agent system. The reasons of disjunction between agent model and realization are analyzed. According to the requirements of individual autonomy and social interaction ability of agent, the mechanism of how to constitute the rational agent and society was studied by combining logical and economics approach(More)