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Smooth support vector machine model based on spline functions
Differentiable and unconstrained quadratic programming can be constructed by improving a support vector machine(SVM) model using a smooth function,and thus a lot of fast optimization algorithms canExpand
Solution of a Current Problem by Genetic Algorithms
The aim of this paper is to illustrate the fact that genetic algorithms are a powerful tool to solve optimization problem of complex system. Expand
Design of ginkgo exuviating equipment
The compostion, working principles, structural characteristics and technical parameters of ginkgo exuviating were introduced. The practice proved that the shell of gingko could be removed by thisExpand
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Mycotoxin Citrinin
The qualitative and quantitative analysis of the mycotoxin citrinin and sample pre-treatment were reviewed and some references for industries of food safety and environment protection are presented. Expand
Strain Breeding of Enduring High-Lysine-Concentration Monascus
A new mutant strain of Monascus 102W enduring high-lysine-concentration was obtained by a long period of time of UV irradiation with double layer selective media.It grows normally on mediumExpand
Progress in Synthesis and Application of 2,3-Cyclopentenopyridine
2,3-cyclopentenopyridine was an important material to synthesize cefpirom,exhibited various biological activities,such as antibiotic,antiulcer and anticancer activity.The study on physicalExpand
Study on Determination ofβ-Glucan by Fluorimetry with Sodium Fluorescein
Determination ofβ-glucan in carbohydrates was studied by detecting change of exciting wavelength and emission wavelength as sodium fluorescein was mixed withβ-glucan, glucose, lactose and maltose,Expand
A New Process of Artificial Bio-film for Swine Farming Sewage Treatment
A new process of artificial bio-film(ABF) as main technique for swine farming sewage treatment is established.It has a treatment capacity of 100 ton sewage daily,and consists of a collecting pool ofExpand
Experiments involving categorical factors will be met in many real problems and the method to deal with them by orthogonal regressive design has not been seen.In this paper,we give a systematicExpand
Investigation of Emergence of Algae Bloom and Its Control by Artificial Bio-film in Beijing Zoo
The eutrophication and algae bloom are the major problems in landscape water body of Beijing Zoo.A new material for environment protection——artificial bio-film was used in a two years(2006-2007) testExpand