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MRI measurement of cervical disc herniation and its clinical evaluation
Objective To evaluate the measurement for cervical disc herniation using MRI and clinical application.Methods 60 cases with abnormal or normal signs of spinal cord on MRI T 2-weighted were analysedExpand
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Experimental determination aod calculation of methane hydrate formation in presence of ammonia
Formation condition data for methane hydrate in ammonia-water system is very important for the process development and determination of operation condition for recycling the vent gas of ammoniaExpand
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Pretreatment of raw water from Miyun Reservoir.
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Protective Effects of Piperazine Ferulate on Cyclosporine-induced Chronic Nephrotoxicity in Rats
Objective:To investigate the mechanism of the protective effects of piperazine ferulate(PF) on cyclosporine-induced chronic nephrotoxicity in rats.Methods: Twenty-four SD rats in 4 groups wereExpand
Observation on the changes of ECG, myocardial enzyme and troponin In 47 patients with acute brain stroke
Objective To observe the clinical features of early changes of electrocardiography,myocardial enzyme,troponin in patients with acute brain stroke.Methods The clinical data ofExpand
Effect of High-flux Dialyzer Reuse on the Clearance of HCY、Leptin and PTH
Objective:To explore the effection of high-flux dialyzer resuse on the clearance of HCY、Leptin and PTH.Methods: Twenty hemodialysis(HD) patients were enrolled in the study.Pre-and post-dialysisExpand
Effect of Tranilast on the Transdifferentiation of Cultured NRK-52E Induced by TGF-β1
Objective:To investigate the effect of tranilsat on α-SMA and E-cadherin expression in NRK-52E stimulated with TGF-β1.Methods:The cultured NRK-52E were divided into five groups:(1)the negativeExpand
Research on the Technology of Removing Organics in Drinking Water with Ozone Oxidation
  • Liu Qi-feng
  • Environmental Science
  • Third International Conference on Intelligent…
  • 16 January 2013
Analyzing the characteristic of the organics in the Miyun reservoir and researching the organics in raw water with physical and chemical classification. On physical classification, the content ofExpand