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OBJECTIVE Several epidemiological studies have shown that regular exercise can prevent the onset of colon cancer, although the underlying mechanism is unclear. Myokines are secreted skeletal muscle proteins responsible for some exercise-induced health benefits including metabolic improvement and anti-inflammatory effects in organs. The purpose of this study(More)
Fatty liver is known as the initial stage in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Epidemiological studies have shown that regular exercise prevents accumulation of hepatic lipids, although the underlying mechanism is unclear. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of exercise on fatty liver associated with hepatic lipid metabolism. KK/Ta mice(More)
— Global data center capacity is growing rapidly, consuming more financial resources and emitting more greenhouse gases. A significant portion of typical data centers energy consumption can be apportioned to the cooling infrastructure. In this paper, we proposed a Thermal camera network (TCN) to improve utilization of the cooling infrastructure. It can cool(More)
2015 i ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am deeply grateful to my supervisor, Associate Professor Boon Chirn Chye for giving me the opportunity to work in this project under his guidance. I also would like to thank him, as well as Nanyang Technological University, for academic and financial support throughout the whole course of this work. My gratitude is extended to my(More)
Tank fire control system (TFCS) is a real-time and complex control system which involves multiple operation conditions and tasks. Modeling of the complete operation procedure of this complex system is usually a difficult task and rarely done well up to date. This paper describes the hybrid characteristic of TFCS, which consists of continuous dynamic(More)
Extracellular matrix overexpression is a common final pathway that leads to ventricular remodeling. Fibronectin plays a pivotal role in this progress. In the work presented here, we explored the possibility of direct inhibition of fibronectin synthesis in rat cardiac fibroblasts by small interference RNA (siRNA). We found that siRNA could successfully(More)
In this paper, it is concerned with the static data association problem in the three distributed passive sensors network, in which each sensor can observe 2-dimensional angles (azimuth and elevation) of each target. A new fast data association approach is proposed in a multiple target dense environment with noise, missed detections, false alarm, and unknown(More)
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