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Spindle orientation controls nuclear migration and segregation during mitosis. In yeast, defects in dynein and astral microtubules lead to abnormal spindle orientation and nuclear migration. Dynactin complex is necessary for dynein-mediated vesicle motility in vitro. The major polypeptide of dynactin complex is an actin-related protein in the family Arp1.(More)
Checkpoint controls ensure that events of the cell-division cycle are completed with fidelity and in the correct order. In budding yeast with a mutation in the motor protein dynein, the mitotic spindle is often misaligned and therefore slow to enter the neck between mother cell and budding daughter cell. When this occurs, cytokinesis (division of the(More)
The price of beef is determined by the carcass grade,and beef grade usually evaluated subjectively based on marbling level. It is a good method to determine marbling level with computer vision instead of person. The method assessing beef grade based on image processing was studied in this paper.The image of longissimus dorsi muscle was segmented using(More)
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