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This paper addresses the problem of human recognition based on their gait acceleration signal characteristics produced by walking. A portable microprocessor-based data collection device was designed to measure the three-dimensional gait acceleration signals during human walking. The system consists of a tri-axial accelerometer, a MCU, 32 M bytes of RAM, and(More)
Studying on river shoal evolution is a fundamental work in the science of water conservancy, water conservancy projects and waterways planning, designing, engineering feasiblility. First of all, the neural network model for predicting the evolution of shoal in a river is established, through training the neural network to determine the number of hidden(More)
The agronomic traits, physiological characteristics and yield traits of 9 rice varieties popularized in lower reaches of Yangtze River were investigated under submergence stress at the tillering stage. The differences of environmental adaptability to submergence stress for conventional japonica rice, indica hybrid rice and hybrid japonica rice, were also(More)
Wood surface roughness is one of the important indexes of manufactured wood products. This paper presents an attempt to use Haralick method to evaluate manufactured wood surface roughness through the utilization of imaging processing and pattern recognition techniques. Through the use of the methodology presented in this paper, We can give features of wood(More)
This paper proposes a system model of signal detection in the background of chaotic clutter. In this model, the classical matched filter and single value decomposition (SVD) arithmetic are used to reduce the disturbance of noise. The chaotic neural network based on improvement BP arithmetic and iterative chaotic map with infinite collapses (ICMIC) is used(More)
The attitude autopilot and the velocity orientation autopilot of the flying vehicle swerve phase are designed and compared in this paper. The analysis result shows that the response speed of the velocity orientation autopilot is far faster than the attitude autopilot by reasonably designing, and the stability of the velocity orientation autopilot is better(More)
A design scheme of ranging accuracy calibrating system for laser range finder based on DS1023 programmable delay chip was proposed in this paper. The system gathered impulse signals extraction, precision time delay and echo signal simulation in integral whole. Distance simulation and energy simulation became a close loop. The precision delay module took(More)
In this paper, the complicated motion equations are established based on the dynamic characteristics of the return flying vehicle. This model is incorporated into an optimal control formulation that includes constraints on both the vehicle and mission parameters, such as the height, velocity, range, heat rate, aerodynamic load and dynamic pressure(More)
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