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An unpolluted process of wheat straw fractionation by steam explosion coupled with ethanol extraction was studied. The wheat straw was steam exploded for 4.5 min with moisture of 34.01%, a pressure of 1.5 MPa without acid or alkali. Hemicellulose sugars were recovered by water countercurrent extraction and decolored with chelating ion exchange resin D412.(More)
Large-scale chemical projects will drive regional economic development and at the same time give a certain degree of environmental pollution. In this paper, ten million tons refinery and one million tons ethylene project is taken for example to described that large-scale chemical projects in the construction period should be under scientific and effective(More)
As the key devices, erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) and optical Raman fiber amplifier (OFRA) have been widely applied in the fields of optical communication, sensing and measurement. However, the performance optimization is always one of the hot topics in the study of optical fiber amplifiers, because its output characteristics are hardly dependent to(More)
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