Liu Lan

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Necessary condition of single continuous coverage is deduced with technique of Coverage Street, to satisfy the rigorous ATP (acquisition tracking pointing) demanding of optical satellite communication, a novel zero phasing factor, two-layered optical satellite network of LEO/MEO is designed according to the technique above. Lower layered satellite(More)
Big Data possesses profound information of our society, and therefore, it impacts numerous aspects of human society, with a large amount of data from large-scale heterogeneous network environments, we should analyze some special issues of network security monitoring on Big Data environments. This paper propose data cleaning for various types of data sources(More)
Aimed at the problems of needing to determine the weights of index system in most comprehensive evaluation methods of risk assessment in civil aviation, and the calculation was too complicated; catastrophe evaluation method was applied to the risk assessment of SMS in civil aviation. Indicators were analyzed and sorted, and then the standard of the bottom(More)
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