Liu Jiqiang

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Privacy-preserving data publishing (PPDP) is one of the hot issues in the field of the network security. The existing PPDP technique cannot deal with generality attacks, which explicitly contain the sensitivity attack and the similarity attack. This paper proposes a novel model, (w, γ, k)-anonymity, to avoid generality attacks on both cases of(More)
Chinese text categorization, which is a key technology of massive Chinese text data processing, has been applied to information retrieval, document management, text filtering, etc. However, the categorization accuracy has been the major difficulties faced by the application upgrade. To improve the performance of the Chinese text categorization, feature(More)
The Internet users access the resource through the application protocol. To increase the application environment security, the user's access request must be checked in the application enclave boundary security system. In order to build the application enclave boundary security system that can fit every kind of application protocol, be updated easily and has(More)
For H.264/SVC, different layers or frames have different order of precedence according to their importance on video quality and the decoding process. Network should provide more protection for high priority layers or frames when SVC flow is transmitted over IP network. This paper proposes an active queue management algorithm based on priority dropping and(More)
With the help of the key technologies including the integrity verification, access control, and sealed storage, a kind of USB key-based approach for software protection is presented. At first, the integrity verification is used to protect the data consistency in USB key. Secondly, the mutual authentication is performed between the software and USB key to(More)
In 2002, Lee, Li, and Hwang proposed a hash-based password authentication scheme that is efficient and can be easily implemented. Recently Ku, Chen, and Lee demonstrated that Lee-Li-Hwang's hash-based password authentication scheme is vulnerable to the off line guessing attack, the denial of service attack, and the stolen verifier attack. In 2003, Chih-Wei(More)
XTR is a novel public key system based on a method to represent elements of a subgroup of a multiplicative group of a finite field. It integrates most of the advantages of RSA and ECC without any of their limitations. Compared with RSA, XTR keys are much smaller than RSA keys of equivalent security; compared with ECC, parameters and key selections for XTR(More)
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