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This paper defines a reconfiguration method for the class of discrete-event systems (DES) that is subject to linear constraints as their control specifications. Some existing methods for enforcing these constraints make use of Petri-net P-invariants for controller synthesis. These methods are quite appealing because their computational complexity is much(More)
The constructive need for robots to coexist with humans requires human-machine interaction. It is a challenge to operate these robots in such dynamic environments, which requires continuous decision-making and environment-attribute update in real-time. An autonomous robot guide is well suitable in places such as museums, libraries, schools, hospital, etc.(More)
Software has become a complex piece of work by the collective efforts of many. And it is often hard to predict what the final outcome will be. This transition poses new challenge to the software engineering (SE) community. By employing methods from the study of complex network, we investigate the object oriented (OO) software metrics from a different(More)
This paper proposes a Quality of Experience (QoE) test methodology for adaptive streaming service. We analyze the factors influencing the QoE of adaptive streaming, and evaluate the QoE of the end-to-end service. Our research gives the evidence that adaptive streaming improves end-users' subjective perception greatly compared with fixed-rate streaming in(More)
With the rapid improvement of computer performance, tremendous heat generation in the chip becomes a major serious concern for thermal management. Meanwhile, CPU chips are becoming smaller and smaller with almost no room for the heat to escape. The total power-dissipation levels now reside on the order of 100 W with a peak power density of 400–500 W/cm2,(More)
With rapidly growing IPTV market and IPTV standardization activity, multicasting starts to gain a lot of attention again. The use of multicasting conserves the bandwidth of a network and this becomes especially important with wireless channels with limited throughput. But, multicasting over wireless channel is facing many challenges. In this paper, we(More)
To provide large capacity of the hidden secret data and to maintain a good visual quality of stego-image, a novel steganographic method based on SOM and wavelet contrast is presented. Firstly, an image was divided into blocks, and every block was decomposed into one-level wavelet to obtain the wavelet contrast. Then, blocks were classified by the(More)
Storage networks is a popular solution to constraint servers in storage field. As described by Gibson's metrics, the performance of multi-level networked RAID (redundant arrays of inexpensive disks) based on cluster is almost the same to that of improved 2D-parity. Compared with other schemes, it is lower cost and easier to realize.
Mobile IPv6 has several defects such as overloading of nodes, loss of wireless signals, packet loss, movement problem and so forth. In this paper, we proposed a scheme to deal with F-HMIPv6 (Fast-Hierarchical Mobile IPv6) handover packet loss. With our scheme, we use the Multi-Session technology which connects among NAR, PAR and MAP to reduce the data(More)