Liu Jianhua

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Considering the characteristics of science and technology resources image, the system structure of image retrieval techniques from the Science and technology Resources image database is designed to rapidly and effectively retrieve the image from the database. Firstly, a novel image retrieval algorithm based on texture is proposed. The algorithm proposed(More)
The discrepancies among the spectral range of the component bands of MHSRRSI will result in remarkable differences of the response extent to detect edges of geographical features. Considering the unique property of each color space, an improved Canny operator has been proposed which is available to detect and extract vector or scalar edges from MHSRRSI in(More)
Stresses due to thermal mismatch develop in thin coatings ZrN deposited by arc ion plating technique when cooled down to room temperature from deposition temperature. A 2D finite element model for coating substrate system has been investigated to simulate thermal mismatch stress. It has been validated that mismatch of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)(More)
The bifurcation and chaos phenomenon which exist in power grid are threats to the stable operation of power grid and the safety of people and equipment. In order to eliminate the chaos phenomena in power grid, a kind of non-singular terminal sliding mode (NTSM) variable structure control method based on immune algorithm is put forward. The second-order(More)
The development of an expert consensus based on specific domestic situations will provide practical guidance to the efforts aiming at improving cleft care in China. The team approach of twenty-one cleft centers were pooled together, covering pre-surgical orthopedics, primary surgical repair, orthodontic treatment, alveolar bone graft, secondary deformity(More)
The transient protection with fault generated high frequency transient signals is a developmental direction of modern power system. It has the advantages: quick fault detection, high precision, no influence by the foundation frequency signal, current transformer saturation and fault resistance. Whereas, the protection is still not applied widely in power(More)
With the development of functional genomics, gene-knockout is becoming an important tool to elucidate gene functions in vivo. As a good model strain for archaeal genetics, Haloferax volcanii has received more attention. Although several genetic manipulation systems have been developed for some halophilic archaea, it is time-consuming because of the low(More)
Accoding to the geometry of semicircular drawbead and the mechanics characteristic of the blank during drawing cone part with drawbead, the maximum blankholder force for avoid inner-buckle are critically calculated. And the influence of processing parameters of drawbead on the critical blankholder force are studied. Then increasing radius of the drawbead,(More)
the residual stress model of structure design of ZrN coated cutting tools had been established, and the residual stress among ZrN coating, substrate, and interlayer had also been calculated by finite element thermal-mechanical coupling method to ensure the structure of ZrN coated tools. ZrN coated cutting tools had been manufactured using arc ion plating(More)