Liu Hui

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Hardware tasks scheduling is the effect of reconfigurable system performance of important factor.This paper presents a VLSCA algorithm which considers the placement according to the vertex position of hardware task and the adjacent units numbers of temporal dimension.At the same time,this algorithm introduces the compactness of task in three-space as an(More)
Available online xxx Keywords: Cirrhosis detection Computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) Duplicative-feature support vector machine Feature selection Classification a b s t r a c t Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a sensitive diagnostic method in improving the diagnostic capacity for hepatic cirrhosis and determining the accurate characterization of hepatic(More)
In order to transmit the security of NAS message effectively, a method of NAS(Non-Access-Stratum) security implementation is proposal, according to characters and protocol specification of NAS security. By the design of common standard interface, the communication parameters of the process shall been transferred effectively. At the same time, the UE and the(More)
With the rapid development of the Internet services and the fast increasing of intrusion problems, the traditional intrusion detection methods cannot work well with the more and more complicated intrusions. So introducing machine learning into intrusion detection systems to improve the performance has become one of the major concerns in the research of(More)
Evidence from preclinical and clinical studies indicates that concentrations of cytokines are altered in sleep deprivation. However, data on the impact of sleep deprivation on concentrations of immunoglobulin and complement have received little scientific examination. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of 24h sleep deprivation on(More)
Although terrestrial CO2 concentrations [CO2] are not expected to reach 1000 μmol mol−1 (or ppm) for many decades, CO2 levels in closed systems such as growth chambers and greenhouses can easily exceed this concentration. CO2 levels in life support systems (LSS) in space can exceed 10,000 ppm (1 %). In order to understand how photosynthesis in C4 plants may(More)
Biometric watermarking refers to the incorporation of biometrics and watermarking technology. In this paper we proposed a novel biometrics watermarking scheme in the host as notice of legitimate. In the watermark embedding process, the wavelet coefficients of the host image are grouped into wavelet trees and each watermark bit is embedded using two trees.(More)
The key technology of image compression is that image data is transformed, the transformed data is quantized aWavelet Transformnd the quantized data is entropy coding. Using wavelet image compression is a common method of image compression, and this paper uses wavelet transform, multi-resolution analysis and quantization and coding of different scale(More)
With the workflow technology's gradual maturenient and development, it has brought a great deal of system's flexibility in their business processing, the multi-level interaction, the task allocation, information sharing, business statistics, and so on. Especially it can reduce the maintenance cost in the system maintenance and system upgrade, reduce the(More)
This paper presents design principles of a low-power and portable bioelectrical impedance analyzer. Based on the low-power and portable notion, It uses a low-power computer as the core, adopting MSP430F149 chip as the processor and utilizing AD5933 which is launched by Analog Devices and is highly integrated to measure and collect the multi-frequency(More)