Liu Hu Yao

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It was hard to set up an accurate mathematics model in cold rolling process and the structure of neural network was hard to confirm, so a CMAC neural network controller based on rough sets theory was proposed for flatness control. The original model of CMAC neural network flatness control was set up. Simultaneity dynamic learning rate was improved in the(More)
Content-Centric network is a new network architecture which proposed to accommodate future changes in network traffic patterns, and to acquire the native support for scalable and efficient content. Content caching mechanism is one of the key research issues. It is too concentrated in selecting caching nodes of existing mechanisms, serious uneven with cache(More)
This paper presents a new 2D irregular-shaped nesting algorithm, which is based on a new NFP (No Fit Polygon) algorithm and a new piece placement policy named as lowest-gravity-center policy. Compared with existing algorithms, the proposed NFP algorithm has lower time-complexity and higher robustness due to the introduction of trace lines. The proposed(More)
Based on analyzing the influential factors and the characters of flatness forecasting, a hybrid optimized algorithm for RBF neural network based on modified particle swarm optimization (MPSO) is introduced in the paper to forecast the flatness. The chaotic optimization algorithm is introduced to decide the parameters of PSO. The number of units in RBF(More)
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