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This paper considers the stabilization problem for control-aane nonlinear systems. A gradient-based numerical method is proposed to solve this problem. A receding horizon strategy, from Model Predictive Control, is used to yield a feedback control law. We show that, under certain weak assumptions, the closed-loop system is asymptotically stable. The full(More)
— This paper generalizes and validates experimentally the applicability of a recently developed output-feedback sliding mode tracking controller based on a hybrid switching compensator. The proposed controller can deal with plants of arbitrary relative degree by using a locally exact differentiator of higher order based on second order sliding modes (SOSM).(More)
—In this paper, we present two globally convergent vision-based position controllers for a planar two-links manipulator in the so-called fixed-camera configuration, where the camera orientation and scale factor are considered unknown. This is a basic adaptive visual servoing problem whose solution was hampered by the nonlinear dependence of the system(More)
In this paper, we consider the design of a variable structure model reference adaptive control (VS-MRAC) for plants with relative degree one without the knowledge of the sign of the plant high frequency gain. A switching method for the control signal, based on an appropriate monitoring function, is proposed. As a result, we show that after a finite number(More)
The Variable Structure Model-Reference Adaptive Control (VS-MRAC) redesign and stability analysis, presented earlier for the case of plants with relative degree n 2, is generalized to the case of arbitrary n 1. This paper presents a complete stability analysis in the general case. The redesign is based on the explicit consideration of input disturbances(More)