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Study on the ash fusion temperatures of coal and sewage sludge mixtures
Abstract The coal, sewage sludge, water and chemical additives are milled to produce coal–sludge slurry as a substitute for coal–water slurry in entrained-flow gasification, co-gasification of coalExpand
CACTSE: Cloudlet aided cooperative terminals service environment for mobile proximity content delivery
We introduce CACTSE, which is a content distribution system for mobile terminals and also supports multiple extended functions. Expand
Co-Pyrolysis of Coal and Algae
The pyrolysis of Shenfu(SF) coal,algae and their blends(with 5%,10%,20%,40%,80% of algae in dry mass) was investigated by thermogravimetric analysis.The results indicate that the extremum temperatureExpand
On the Ruin Probability Under a Class of Risk Processes1
Abstract In this paper a class of risk processes in which claims occur as a renewal process is studied. A clear expression for Laplace transform of the finite time ruin probability is well given whenExpand
Three key issues are included in three-dimensional discontinuous deformation analysis(3D-DDA);they are identification of block,creation and solution to motion equations of individual unit,theExpand
A Method of Text Feature Extraction Based on Weighted Scatter Difference
A weighted method based on the sample distribution is shown in the paper, which will make the between-class and within-class scatter matrixes with poor scatter be weighted, to enhance the categorization ability after dimensional reduction and to improve the dimensional reduction effect of linear feature extraction methodbased on scatter difference. Expand
Brønsted acidic ionic liquids catalyze the high-yield production of diphenolic acid/esters from renewable levulinic acid
The high-yielding synthesis of diphenolic acid (DPA) using Bronsted acidic ionic liquids (BAILs) has been demonstrated in this study. Importantly, p,p′-DPA was obtained as the preferential productExpand
Improving aging resistance and mechanical properties of waterborne polyurethanes modified by lignin amines
In this article, we report the enhanced anti-aging and mechanical properties of waterborne polyurethanes (WPUs) modified by lignin amines, which were prepared from lignins, formaldehyde, andExpand
Fluorescence Spectra of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Soot Concentration in Partially Premixed Flames of Diesel Surrogate Containing Oxygenated Additives
Partially premixed laminar flames were formed using our purpose-built burner. The soot reduction mechanism of blends of diesel and oxygenated fuel was explored. The mixture of toluene andExpand
Diagnostic value of 3D time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography for detecting intracranial aneurysm: a meta-analysis
PurposeThis meta-analysis is to comprehensively evaluate the diagnostic performance of three-dimensional time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography (3D-TOF-MRA) for detecting intracranial aneurysmExpand