Liu Guowei

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Based on the knowledge representation of cloud theory and rough sets, a rough-cloud model is put forward, which bridges the gap between quantitative knowledge and qualitative knowledge. In relation to classical rough sets, the rough-cloud model can deal with the uncertainty of the attribute and make a soft discretization for continuous ones. A novel(More)
Integral image of 60 degree rotated rectangle windows is used to compute the rotated Harr-like features for rapid face detection. Through the improvement of the integral image algorithm, the computing speed is accelerated, and the integral images of up right windows and 60 degree rotated windows are gained through the search of the origin image only once.(More)
Some selected aspects of hydrology in ancient times of China are presented in this paper, including hydrologic observation, hydro-geographic survey, hydrologic cycle and applications of hydrologic knowledge. Some important events and conceptions of hydrology which first appeared in ancient China are particularly mentioned here.
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