Liu Guosheng

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Co-culture of Penicillium sp. HSD07B and Candida tropicalis resulted in the production of a red pigment consisting of six components as determined by TLC and HPLC. The pigment showed no acute toxicity in mice and was mot mutagenic in the Ames test. The pigment was stable between pH 2 and 10 and temperatures of 10-100°C and exhibited good photo-stability and(More)
The process that T4 phages multiply in host cells of Escherichia coli B was determined using LKB-2277 Bioactivity Monitor by means of stopped-flow method, and the growth was measured turbidometrically at the same time at 37 degrees C. By analyzing thermo-curves, quantitative parameters could be obtained to characterize the interactions of host cells and(More)
In this paper, the differences between reinforced sequencing batch reactor, which was inoculated with superior mixed flora, and conventional sequencing batch reactor were compared in the process of treating papermaking wastewater under similar conditions. The results showed that the addition of superior mixed flora could not only shorten the sludge(More)
In the present paper, a novel method to accelerate sludge granulation is presented. Inoculation with chlamydospores of Phanerochaete sp. HSD accelerated sludge granulation during the treatment process of phenol wastewater, and the sludge granulation rate reached 66 ± 2% on day 7, 32 days earlier than that of the control inoculated with activated sludge(More)
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