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FeCl3‐Mediated Reaction of 1,4‐Dilithio‐1,3‐dienes with Alkynes Affording Benzene Derivatives
Unactivated alkynes reacted with 1,4-dilithio-1,3-diene derivatives in the presence of FeCl3 affording substituted benzene derivatives via a formal [4 + 2] cycloaddition.
Fluctuation of Parameters in Tumor Cell Growth Model
We study the steady state properties of a logistic growth model in the presence of Gaussian white noise. Based on the corresponding Fokker-Planck equation the steady state solution of the probabilityExpand
The Weighing Mechanism and Properties Cradle Springs
The weighing mechanism of both cradle spring sheet and ring cradle springs in relation to the spinning quality is highlighted.On the basis of the actual size of the two kinds of springs,the formulaExpand
A review of the current situation and prospects of the Cu-Nb composite research
The current research situations of Cu-Nb composite prepared by various techniques including deformation-compounding process,mechanical alloying process,and physical vapor deposition process,areExpand
New Research of Twelve Ghosts and Twelve Beasts
Comparing the records of big Nuo ceremony in Dong-Jing-Fu with that of in Hou-Han-Shu-Li-Yi-Zhi,we could draw several conclusions.Firstly,the shape of Nuo ceremony described in Dong-Jing-Fu wasExpand
Thermal Dynamics Behavior of Protoneutron Star Matter
In the relativistic model, including the vacuum fluctuation of nucleons and σ mesons, the effect of the temperature to the composition and equation of state of protoneutron star matter, nucleonExpand
Design of Recirculated Spraying Treatment of Leachate in Sanitary Refuse Landfill Site in Maerkang County
According to circumstance that the evaporation level is much more than the precipitation, the recirculated spraying treatment process is used for treating the leachate in Maerkang sanitary reuseExpand
An epidemiological study on an outbreak of hand,foot and mouth disease at a kindergarten,Beijing
Comprehensive measures should be adopted to prevent and control HFMD at the kindergarten in Xicheng district of Beijing. Expand
An analysis on the characteristics of offense tactics in European national soccer teams——A case study of 2008 European Soccer Championship
It is not only a successful experience for world soccer countries with great power to form and carry forward the techniques and tactics style which accord with their own characteristics,but also theExpand
The New Theory on Qiao Ji's Sanqu
Qiao Ji was a Sanqu writer in Yuan Dynasty.He had proposed a theory: Feng-tou,Zhu-du and Bao-wei.Qiao used to composed a lot of fresh and fantastic works based on this theory,sometimes he even wentExpand