Liu Guixiong

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As a type of research tool, the finite element method (FEM) has been widely used in engineering designs and other fields. In this paper, the magnetic circuit character of the magnetizer was studied using the finite element method and related experiments. For a type of permanent magnet multiloop magnetizer, the magnetic field distribution of the inner and 2(More)
Based on the GDI+ class library and dual-buffer technology of .NET framework, the software for LED lamps’ layout is developed. On the basis of determining the scheme of layout platform, the metafile class library model by Composite design-set and the process of calling the LED pixels metafile symbol interface are designed firstly. The design method of(More)
In time synchronization, poor stability of cheep crystal oscillator would wipe out all the efforts on reducing synchronization error while the cost of high stability crystal oscillator limits the using scope of measurement and control system. Therefore, the paper proposes a new analysis for time synchronization algorithms that compensating the drift of(More)
In order to reconstruct the edges of micro-image and guarantee the fitting precision of the boundaries, the wavelet transform and improved cubic spline interpolations algorithm are effectively combined. Contrapose to the complexity of the target image edges, the lifting scheme is put forward, in the processing of the wavelet transform of the image different(More)
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