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In universal-line ac/dc converters that require power factor correction (PFC), maintaining a high efficiency across the entire line and load ranges poses a major challenge. Typically, a boost PFC front end exhibits 1%-3% lower efficiency at 100-V line compared to that at 230-V line. It is shown in this paper that a buck PFC front end with an output voltage(More)
In order to protect the key elements (e.g., Xe flashlamps) from being damaged by the trigger impulse in pulsed power conditioning system (PPCS), a magnetic switch is used for isolating the high-voltage nanosecond impulse. The magnetic switch in PPCS is working along with the initial magnetization curve. The working principle and performance of the magnetic(More)
Moving target detection is an important part of video target tracking. Good moving target detection makes video track more effective. This paper proposes a new algorithm based on the traditional three-frame differential method comparison. The shortage of traditional three-frame differential method is pointed out. Combined with Canny edge detection(More)
Edentulous patients with implant-supported prostheses report improved tactile discriminative capabilities and motor function compared with when they wore complete dentures. 'Osseoperception' is defined as the ability to identify kinesthetic sensation without the input from periodontal mechanoreceptors. This sensation is generated from the temporomandibular(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to describe the technical experience and outcome in laparoscopic-assisted total cyst excision of choledochal cyst with Roux-en-Y hepatoenterostomy. METHODS Thirty-five patients with choledochal cyst were studied. Their age ranged from 3 months to 9 years (average age, 3.6 years). The choledochal cysts were cyst type in 33(More)
The current development of oil-gas pipeline magnetic flux leakage (MFL) testing sensor, this paper discussed working principle and application of the coil sensor and the Hall element sensor. The two types of sensors in practical applications were analyzed for their characteristics. The article evaluates the sensor application and development situation and(More)
In this paper a new method is proposed for choosing the best wavelet base for speech signals. The wavelets of Haar, Daubechies, Meyer, biorthogonal, coiflets, and symlets are used for speech signals. The wavelet decomposition is used to decompose speech signals into five levels. The low-frequency part of the signal was reconstructed. By calculating the(More)
Power control in wireless networks is important to maintain reliable communication links between base stations and nodes, and to maximize the battery life. An energy aware connectivity set based transmission power control protocol is presented in this paper. We augment our distributed protocol with a heuristic that considers energy cost information when(More)
Virtual human with intelligent behavior plays an important role in distributed virtual environment. The paper studies path planning that is an essential intelligent behavior of virtual human. According to the features and requirements of distributed virtual environment, we propose a method which combines global static planning and local dynamic planning.(More)
PURPOSE Cyst excision with hepaticojejunostomy has been the classic procedure for treating choledochal cysts. Recently, laparoscopic treatment of the disease has gained popularity worldwide. The aim of this study is to evaluate whether laparoscopic management of choledochal cysts is as feasible and safe as conventional open surgery in children with this(More)