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Gaze tracking is the process of measuring gaze point or the motion of an eye relative to the head. Gaze tracking technique provides us a brand new way of human computer interaction. In addition, eye gaze tracking can be also applied to support seriously disabled people in using computer. In this paper, we explored the use of eye gaze tracking technology on(More)
In the management of container sea-rail intermodal transportation, dynamic pricing problem with uncertain conditions has significant impacts on the benefit and competitiveness of a multimodal transport operator. Based on the revenue management theory and the features of container sea-rail intermodal transport, this paper develops a two stages optimal model(More)
The internet of thing's vehicle management system with early warning function requirements for parallel, real-time processing information from RFID, video, audio, and control channel etc. To meet these requirements, proposed a solution about active and multi-source information terminal based on S3C6410. The S3C6410 processor with ARM11 core is the center of(More)
  • Liu Di
  • 2012 IEEE Symposium on Robotics and Applications…
  • 2012
The internet of things technology can be introduced into campus-vehicle management system to solve some existing defects in safety and efficiency. Based on relevant key technologies, the paper, for all the vehicles in campus, advocates a networked warning framework which can realize the daily automatic management and safety-warning function of vehicles in(More)
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