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QTL mapping for adult-plant resistance to leaf rust in CIMMYT wheat cultivar saar.
【Objective】 The CIMMYT wheat cultivar Saar has exhibited a high level of adult-plant resistance to leaf rust, stripe rust and powdery mildew in Europe, Asia, and South America, and identification ofExpand
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Genetic analysis and molecular mapping of leaf rust resistance gene in wheat line Xinong 1163-4.
【Objective】 Xinong 1163-4 is a wheat line with high resistance to wheat leaf rust,stripe rust and powdery mildew.Identification of new leaf rust resistance gene and its closely linked molecularExpand
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Molecular mapping of leaf rust resistance gene LrG98 in Chinese wheat line Guizhou 98-18.
Wheat line Guizhou 98-18 showed low infection types to most of Chinese current isolates of Puccinia triticina.Resistance gene postulation suggested that Guizhou 98-18 might carry a new leaf rustExpand
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Identification of a SRAP Markers Linked to Leaf Rust Resistance Gene Lr19 in Wheat
SRAP analysis was firstly carried on Thatcher,twenty three near-isogenic lines and F2 population of TcLr19×Thatcher to develop molecular markers for leaf rust resistance gene Lr19 in wheat.A markerExpand
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Cloning and analysis of a PR1 gene from TcLr19 wheat in the defense responses to Puccinia triticina
Plant pathogenesis-related proteins have an important role in plant disease resistance responses and systemic acquired resistance.In this paper,RT-PCR and RACE were combined to isolate a plantExpand
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A wheat NBS-LRR gene TaRGA19 participates in Lr19-mediated resistance to Puccinia triticina.
Wheat leaf rust, caused by Puccinia triticina (Pt), is one of the most severe fungal diseases on wheat globally. Rational utilization of wheat leaf rust resistance (Lr) genes is still the best choiceExpand
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Differential expression of near-isogenic line TcLr19 resistant to wheat leaf rust
Complementary DNA amplified fragments length polymorphism(cDNA-AFLP) analysis was employed to detect the differential expression of genes in TcLr19 and Thatcher inoculated with Puccinia triticinaExpand
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Primary Analysis on the Antifungal Activity of the Protein Produced by Bacillus subtilis NCD-2 against Verticillium dahliae
Bacillus subtilis NCD-2 was isolated from cotton rhizosphere and showed significantly control effect on cotton verticillium wilt.Characteristics of the crude antifungal protein produced by strainExpand
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