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Empirical analysis of influences of fictitious economy on real economy in China
Influences of fictitious economy on real economy appeared gradually in China. An empirical analysis about the influences was given by using quarterly data from April 1998 to December 2008. TheExpand
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A Practical Analysis on the Impact of Monetary Policy upon Real Estate
A practical analysis by using relevance analysis, Granger reason-result relationship analysis and analysis methods on the impact effect of China's monetary policy upon real estate market and time lagExpand
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Construction of Carbon Finance System and Promotion of Environmental Finance Innovation in China
Abstract Finance are required to construct a new innovative financial model based on environment protection.The low-carbon finance development based on carbon emissions demands and carbon tradingExpand
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On the Assessment of the Performance of Local Governments,its Present Situation and Countermeasures
In recent years,the assessment of the performance of local governments manifests a set of new characteristics,which can be concluded as the following(with the cases in Southern,Middle and NorthernExpand
A Study on the Relationship Between Local Fiscal Expenditure for R&D and Economic Growth Based on Panel Cointegration Analysis
Based on cointegration analysis of panel data,this paper does the empirical study on the relationship between R D expenditure and economic growth of 13 cities of Jiangsu Province.The results showExpand
The Analysis on Interindustry Linkage in China
Interindustry linkage is an economic and technological relationship among industries.By calculating the effect coefficient and sensitivity coefficient based on the input-output table of 2002 inExpand
Analysis of Impact Mechanism of Foreign Trade on Real Economy in China
There is close relationship between foreign trade and economy growth. China’s export trade and import trade develop rapidly and foreign direct investment is becoming more and more since China’sExpand
Estimation of the Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate of RMB and Its Validation
Under the influence of adjustment of our economic policy and inflation, the Data Generating Process (DGP) of RMB real effective exchange rates may change its structure during the course of commercialExpand
Coupling Effects of Chinese Fictitious Economy and Real Economy——Empirical Analysis on the Capital Market,Financial Derivatives Market and the Real Economy
The coupling effects of Chinese fictitious economy and real economy are analyzed based on the representative variables' data from the first quarter of 1999 to the third quarter of 2010.The resultsExpand
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Analysis of the Relationship between Development of Derivatives Market of Foreign Exchange and Reform of RMB Exchange Rate Mechanism
It is necessary to develop the derivatives market of foreign exchange actively,to promote the function of market mechanism in the form of exchange rate.We should study the law of derivatives marketExpand