Liu Chao Yang

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Outlier analysis in data mining is to find the deviation and abnormal data in the databases. By finding and explaining the outliers, we can apply them to detecting the business frauds effectively. This paper analyzes the common characteristics of fraudulent behavior of customers in telecom industry systematically. Based on the outlier-finding by clustering(More)
Inventory managers often group inventory items into classes to manage and control them more efficiently. The well-known ABC inventory classification approach categorizes inventory items into A, B and C classes according to their sales and usage volume. In this paper, we present an optimization model to enhance the quality of inventory grouping. Our model(More)
As manufacturing systems become more sophisticated and complicated, effective managers know how they play a crucial role in managing an enterprise and managers know how to deal with their dynamics and uncertainty. In this article, a formalism based on the computer-integrated manufacturing open-system architecture (CIMOSA) reference model is presented to(More)
A classification of remote sensing data by using several classifiers and neural networks is presented in this paper. The application was conducted using a scene about agricultural areas, and it contains several agricultural classes. Several classification methods were compared and tested over a multispectral scene containing agricultural classes using a(More)
Portfolio optimization problem decides the percentage starting with multiple random search points and considering of the overall portfolio value allocated to each portfolio several candidate solutions simultaneously. component with specified risk-return characteristics. A multistage optimization manages portfolio in constantly changing II. MULTI-STAGE(More)
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This paper aims to forecasting and analyzing the securities market, which is a crucial problem in modern society development. Firstly, the structure of the securities market forecasting and analyzing system is provided. Moreover, this system is designed based on a trade statistics database, in which the real time transaction data are memorized, and then the(More)
There are two shortages in usual methods for agricultural land evaluation: (1) too many manual interferences into the calculating procession, (2) the relatively large differences of partial units are concealed in certain factors. We designed a hyper graph clustering model in this paper based on fuzzy frequent item sets to conduct the evaluation for quality(More)
As economic globalization develops quickly, strategic alliance based on information sharing has been adopted by many TPL enterprises, and becomes an important kind of organic form and marketing competition power. Whether the strategic alliance will be successful or not is dependant on the choosing and evaluation of the partners. In this paper, the(More)
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