Liu Chang

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  • Liu Chang, Cao Ming-Zhi, Han Feng, Gui-Ming Shi, Liu Ren-Jie
  • 2012
With the development of Automatic Identification System (AIS), more and more vessels are equipped with AIS device, which is a new tool for vessel monitoring and marine safety. In this paper, we compared the function of AIS and radar, the traditional tool for Vessel Traffic Service (VTS). And then we discussed the necessity of data fusion of the same target(More)
—In this paper, we analyze a variety of influence factors for the spreading pattern of forest fires. Rules of these crucial factors are expressed with cellular automata (CA), which has powerful simulation capacity. Specifically, we analyze the influence of combustible materials, wind, temperature, and terrain. We implement a CA Forest Fire Forecast System(More)
To study incremental machine learning in tensor space, this paper proposes incremental tensor discriminant analysis. The algorithm employs tensor representation to carry on discriminant analysis and combine incremental learning to alleviate the computational cost. This paper proves that the algorithm can be unified into the graph framework theoretically and(More)
Recently nonlocal means (NLM) and its variants have been applied in the various scientific fields extensively due to its simplicity and desirable property to conserve the neighborhood information. The two-stage MRI denoising algorithm proposed in this paper is based on 3D optimized blockwise version of NLM and multidimensional PCA (MPCA). The proposed(More)
In order to overcome the limitation of traditional nonnegative factorization algorithms, the paper presents a generalized discriminant orthogonal non-negative tensor factorization algorithm. At first, the algorithm takes the orthogonal constraint into account to ensure the nonnegativity of the low-dimensional features. Furthermore, the discriminant(More)
How it is possible to “faithfully” represent a three-dimensional stereoscopic scene using Cartesian coordinates on a plane, and how three-dimensional perceptions differ between an actual scene and an image of the same scene are questions that have not yet been explored in depth. They seem like commonplace phenomena, but in fact, they are important and(More)
INTRODUCTION Laparoscopic procedures for pancreatic surgery have been significantly improved recently; however, only a limited number of successful laparoscopic or laparoscopy-assisted pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD) have been reported. The limitations could be attributed to the complexity of the reconstruction procedures under laparoscopic observation and the(More)
  • Liu Chang, Kirk P Arnett, Hy Mak, Sockel, Lillian Y Fok, Wing M Fok +4 others
  • 2000
2018 [abstract] 2 Exploring the factors associated with Web site success in the context of electronic 3 The impact of knowledge sharing, organizational capability and partnership quality on IS outsourcing success, Jae-Nam Lee 1061 [abstract] 4 A confirmatory factor analysis of IS employee motivation and retention, Brenda L.
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