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Efficient support for querying large-scale resource description framework (RDF) triples plays an important role in semantic web data management. This paper presents an efficient RDF query engine to evaluate SPARQL queries, where the inverted index structure is employed for indexing the RDF triples. A set of operators on the inverted index was developed for(More)
A blind robust digital image watermarking scheme using chaotic encryption and HVS in DWT domain is presented. Firstly, the original image is transformed into some sub-band coefficients using discrete wavelet transformation (DWT), and then the binary image watermark signal is encrypted using logistic chaos map before it is embedded. Taking into account the(More)
Many measurement studies showed that network traffic usually exhibits self-similar nature, meanwhile, wireless fading channels lead to the time-variant service rates of network nodes. Compared with classical queuing systems with Markov sources or constant service rates, the queuing system with self-similar input in a wireless fading channel is more(More)
The technology of visualization is widely applied in modeling and simulation (M&S). At first, the principle of simulation visualization is introduced. Then aspects of visualization technology applied in M&S are mainly discussed in this paper, that are, modeling visualization, simulation experiment visualization, simulation result analysis(More)
User interest is an important basis for providing users with personalized search results. In this paper, the personalized query expansion is improved by combining the notion of user interest and domain knowledge. We present an approach to personalized search that involves calculating and annotating the interest weight of terms which are implicitly derived(More)
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