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Network always suffers from the traffic anomaly such as router rate change, device restart or the worm attack. The early detection of unusual anomaly in the network is a key to fast recover and avoidance of future serious problem to provide a stable network transmission. In this paper we present a statistical approach to analysis the distribution of network(More)
Metabolomics, the systematic analysis of potential metabolites in a biological specimen, has been increasingly applied to discovering biomarkers, identifying perturbed pathways, measuring therapeutic targets, and discovering new drugs. By analyzing and verifying the significant difference in metabolic profiles and changes of metabolite biomarkers,(More)
The gear box fault occur can lead to the fatal breakdown of mechanical system. Back propagation neural network (BPNN) have been proved to be of widespread utility for identifying and classifying gear box faults to prevent serious damage in a mechanical system. Some researchers have used particle swarm optimization (PSO) to train BPNN. However, because the(More)
Rhizosphere oxygen profiles are the key to understanding the role of wetland plants in ecological remediation. Though in situ determination of the rhizosphere oxygen profiles has been performed occasionally at certain growing stages within days, comprehensive study on individual roots during weeks is still missing. Seedlings of Acorus calamus, a wetland(More)
From the microeconomic views, research on merger & acquisition is the basis on which entrepreneurs and supervisors set down plan with market for corporate control, which plays an important role in improving corporate governance of Chinese listed companies in theory. This dissertation devoted to a more sound interpretation to abnormal market response to(More)