Liu-Bin Xiao

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Heat shock cognate protein 70 (Hsc70) is a very important stress-resistance protein of insects against environmental stresses. We employed fluorescent real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction and Western-blot techniques to analyze the transcriptional and translational expression profiles of AlHSC70 under extreme temperature (4°C and 40°C) or 4(More)
We cloned the cDNA of the ecdysone receptor (EcR) isoform-A from the mirid bug, Apolygus lucorum (AlEcR-A). The AlEcR-A cDNA has an open reading frame of 1410 bp with a conserved sequence of approximately 20 amino acids at the carboxyl-end of its A/B-specific domain. Phylogenetic analysis showed that AlEcR-A is very similar to the EcR-A genes of other(More)
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