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Previous studies demonstrated significantly lower plasma cortisol level in homozygous halothane-positive (Hal nn) pigs, as compared with homozygous halothane-negative (Hal NN) pigs. To determine whether such difference is attributed to the fundamental alterations in adrenocortical function, F1 offsprings from Pietrain (Hal nn)xErhualian (Hal NN) were(More)
Our previous study demonstrated significant difference in the basal plasma cortisol levels between Erhualian (EHL) and Pietrain (PIE) pigs, implicating fundamental breed difference in adrenocortical function. The objectives of the present study were therefore to characterize the expression pattern of proteins involved in adrenal ACTH signaling and,(More)
Lipins play dual function in lipid metabolism by serving as phosphatidate phosphatase and transcriptional co-regulators of gene expression. Mammalian lipin proteins consist of lipin1, lipin2, and lipin3 and are encoded by their respective genes Lpin1, Lpin2, and Lpin3. To date, most studies are concerned with Lpin1, only a few have addressed Lpin2 and(More)
The present in vitro experiment was designed to test whether 48 h of pretreatment with glucocorticoids, cortisol, or dexamethasone (DEX), would affect basal and corticotrophin (ACTH) stimulated (24 h) cortisol secretion from primary cultures of pig adrenocortical cells. Cells were divided into six groups: control pretreatment with or without ACTH challenge,(More)
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