Litsa Nikitidou Ledri

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Although novel treatment strategies based on the gene therapy approach for epilepsy has been encouraging, there is still a gap in demonstrating a proof-of-concept in a clinically relevant animal model and study design. In the present study, a conceptually novel framework reflecting a plausible clinical trial for gene therapy of temporal lobe epilepsy was(More)
X Marco Ledri,1* Andreas T. Sørensen,1* Marita G. Madsen,1 Søren H. Christiansen,2 Litsa Nikitidou Ledri,1 Alessandra Cifra,1 Johan Bengzon,3 X Eva Lindberg,4 X Lars H. Pinborg,5 X Bo Jespersen,6 Casper R. Gøtzsche,2 David P. D. Woldbye,2 My Andersson,1 and X Merab Kokaia1 1Experimental Epilepsy Group, Epilepsy Center, Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund(More)
Development of novel disease-modifying treatment strategies for neurological disorders, which at present have no cure, represents a major challenge for today's neurology. Translation of findings from animal models to humans represents an unresolved gap in most of the preclinical studies. Gene therapy is an evolving innovative approach that may prove useful(More)
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