Liton Jude Rozario

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Face recognition is a technique to automatically identify or verify individuals. It receives a great attention in identification, authentication, security and many more applications. Diverse methods had been proposed for this purpose and also a lot of comparative studies were performed. However, researchers could not reach unified conclusion. In this paper,(More)
Noise can be easily induced in images during acquisition and transmission. Therefore, it is a basic requirement to remove noise from an image while keeping its features intact for better understanding and recognition. Gaussian and impulse are two very common types of noise. Tremendous research initiatives are being taken for removing these noises.(More)
The most widely used region-based image segmentation algorithms that typically rely on the homogeneity of the image intensities in the regions of interest often fail to provide accurate segmentation of medical images e.g., MRI images due to the presence of intensity inhomogeneity caused by the bias field in these images. This paper proposes a robust(More)
Network security refers to an activity which is designed to protect the usability and integrity of the network and data. In network security, cryptography is the branch in which one can store and transmit data in a particular format so that only the intended user can read and process it, RSA algorithm is an asymmetric cryptography technique, which works on(More)
This paper addresses an elegant and probably unique divisible Wireless E-cash Transfer System in distributed environment. The proposed Wireless E-cash Transfer System solves most of the crucial problem with existing wired e-cash and untraceable e-cash proposals. A distributed computing environment can support multiple platforms, multiple servers and some(More)
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