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Characterization of the Complete Uric Acid Degradation Pathway in the Fungal Pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans
While Uro1,Uro2, Uro3, Dal1 and Dal2,3,3 were demonstrated to be dispensable for virulence, the significance of using a modified animal model system of cryptococcosis for improved mimicking of human pathogenicity is discussed.
Molecular cloning and identification of a putative tomato cationic amino acid transporter-2 gene that is highly expressed in stamens
The dynamic transitions in the expression of SlCAT2 suggest its roles in the crucial stages of flower and fruit development, especially in the stamen, should be helpful in guiding further investigation of the physiological role of Sl CAT2 in tomato.
The effects of health education on iodine deficiency disorders comprehensively evaluated with the TOPSIS method in 2009 - 2013
TOPSIS, a comprehensive evaluation method, is suitable for evaluating the effects of health education on iodine deficiency disorders.