Lissa N Weinstein

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This article describes the establishment of a research unit as an integral part of a hospital social work department on the basis of the authors' experience in a cancer center over a 13-year period. Methods are described for building support within the institution, for the process of initiating the unit, for deciding on study topics, and finally for(More)
As advances in neuroscience have furthered our understanding of the role of brain circuitry, genetics, stress, and neuromodulators in the regulation of normal behavior and in the pathogenesis of psychopathology, an increasing appreciation of the role of neurobiology in individual differences in personality and their pathology in personality disorders has(More)
The underlying psychological and emotional components of distress were examined in 87 children with a parent in the terminal phase of cancer. Common fears, concerns, misperceptions, and behavioral consequences are analyzed, as are more severe psychological and behavioral reactions. Implications for psychoeducational parent-guidance intervention are(More)
While attachment has been a fruitful and critical concept in understanding enduring individual templates for interpersonal relationships, it does not have a well-understood relationship to personality disorders, where impairment of interpersonal functioning is paramount. Despite the recognition that attachment disturbances do not simply reflect nonoptimal(More)
During the course of a pilot study of toddlers' behavior and play, the experimenters observed a previously undocumented behavior. This behavior now labeled "stock-still" behavior, was noted at the age of 17.5 months and consisted of the toddlers' standing motionless at or near the doorway of a nursery when previously they had marched, seemingly intrepid,(More)
This paper joins recent efforts to build a conceptual bridge between psychoanalysis and attachment theory. A psychoanalytic reading of Julio Cortázar's Bestiary, a story about a young girl sent away for a summer vacation, is used to conceptualize the relationship between attachment and sexuality during latency. Middle childhood is seen as a pivotal period(More)
The interface of neurocognitive problems and dynamic concerns are examined in the treatment of an early adolescent dyslexic girl. Despite previous intensive remediation, she had been unable to master reading and spelling, but made remarkable progress after a relatively brief period of psychoanalysis. Psychoanalytic and Vygotskian perspectives are integrated(More)
Chile has a very serious alcohol problem. 20% of the population over 15 years of age are problem drinkers, - 15% are excessive drinkers, and 5% are alcoholics. Excessive drinking, particularly inebriety, is considered to be the core of the alcohol problem. During Allende's government, there was an increasing concern for the national patterns of drinking.(More)
When patients are critically ill, their families suffer extreme emotional distress, often without the support of staff who must focus first on patients' needs. This article describes a social work program that has successfully used volunteers in a critical care unit to facilitate communication between family members and staff, lessen the family's sense of(More)