Lissa Miller

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Increasing numbers of women in the work force have prompted researchers to study the health impact of their work satisfactions and stressors. In this study, we examined the quality of the work role as perceived by women who hold clerical jobs. Qualitative data were collected through structured interviews with 87 female clerical workers employed in four(More)
The author found the experience of evaluating orphans in Cambodia different from her expectations and it has changed her attitudes toward education and medicine. She suggests that all prospective orphans be evaluated by a therapist in order to anticipate the severity of potential problems. She also feels that occupational therapists must take an active role(More)
During the summer, 1976, all parents whose babies were admitted to intensive care nurseries in Vermont or New Hampshire between January 1, 1975, and June 30, 1976, were mailed questionnaires. The instrument was designed to obtain opinions about care that their child received under a regional perinatal care program.The population contained 610 families of(More)