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Phylogeny of the genus Bryoria
The study shows that while most species with an erect growth-form are clearly monophyletic, current species status of many pendent taxa can be questioned and a new infrageneric classification for the genus Bryoria is proposed. Expand
Photosymbiodemes Sticta wrightii and Dendriscocaulon sp. (Lichenized Ascomycota) from Yunnan, China (Papers to Commemorate the 100th Issue of the Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory) --
The investigation demonstrates the polyphyly of Sticta based on phylogenetic analysis and shows two distinct clades corresponding to S. wrightii and the Dendriscocaulon sister to Ricasolia s.l. group, and the other species ofSticta in the large Lobariaceae clade. Expand
Genetic variation in three Chinese peat mosses (Sphagnum) based on microsatellite markers, with primer information and analysis of ascertainment bias
Primer sequences are provided for amplification of 21 microsatellite-containing loci in Sphagnum, which indicate that S. palustre gametophytes are diploid whereas those of S. junghuhnianum and S. imbricatum are haploid. Expand
Who's getting around? Assessing species diversity and phylogeography in the widely distributed lichen-forming fungal genus Montanelia (Parmeliaceae, Ascomycota).
This study assesses species diversity, biogeography and diversification of the genus Montanelia, which includes alpine to temperate saxicolous species and suggests Pleistocene-dominated diversification and complex biogeographic history in the M. tominii group. Expand
Diversity, Antimicrobial Activity, and Biosynthetic Potential of Cultivable Actinomycetes Associated with Lichen Symbiosis
The results demonstrate that the lichens of Yunnan Province represent an extremely rich reservoir for the isolation of a significant diversity of actinomycetes, including novel species, which are potential source for discovering biologically active compounds. Expand
Ethnic Uses of Lichens in Yunnan, China
Abstract In Yunnan Province China, ethnic peoples use five species of lichens as foods (Lobaria isidiophora, L. kurokawae, L. yoshimurae, Ramalina conduplicans, and R. sinensis) and five others asExpand
Distribution Pattern and Conservation Priorities for Vascular Plants in Southern China: Guangxi Province as a Case Study
This research can provide an overview of approaches to setting biodiversity conservation priorities and of strategies for filling up gaps in the reserve network of similar regions. Expand
Antioxidative Activity of Lichen Thamnolia vermicularis in vitro
The extract showed strong free radical scavenging activity similar to that of BHA (positive control) in a manner of concentration dependent and suggests that T. vermicularis lichen can be used as a novel source of natural antioxidant. Expand
Phytogeographical analysis of seed plant genera in China.
This paper quantitatively characterizes the composition of floristic elements at multiple scales (i.e. national, provincial and local), and explores the extent to which climatic and geographical factors associated with each flora can jointly and independently explain the variation in florism elements in local floras. Expand