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Virtual machines (VMs) and virtualization are one of the core computing technologies today. Inter-VM communication is not only prevalent but also one of the leading costs for data-intensive systems and applications in most data centers and cloud computing environments. One way to improve inter-VM communication efficiency is to support coresident VM(More)
FAST TCP is a new transmission control protocol proposed for future high bandwidth-delay product networks. The stability and performance analysis of FAST TCP is an active research area. Researches show that the performance of FAST TCP, such as throughput, packet drop rate, link utilization, is sensitive to the setting of alpha , which is one of the key(More)
Identifying the most influential individuals can provide invaluable help in developing and deploying effective viral marketing strategies. Previous studies mainly focus on designing efficient algorithms or heuristics to find top-K influential nodes on a given static social network. While, as a matter of fact, real-world social networks keep evolving over(More)
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