Lisiane Pruinelli

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PURPOSE Validate the outcomes from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) for the Acute Pain nursing diagnosis. METHODS The content validation of the seven NOC outcomes and their respective indicators was performed using an adaptation of Fehring's model and was analyzed by descriptive statistics. FINDINGS Six were classified as critical and one was(More)
Electronic Health Records (EHRs) consists of patient information such as demographics, medications, laboratory test results, diagnosis codes and procedures. Mining EHRs could lead to improvement in patient healthcare management as EHRs contain detailed information related to disease prognosis for large patient populations. We hypothesize that a patient's(More)
Health care data included in clinical data repositories (CDRs) are increasingly used for quality reporting, business analytics and research; however, extended clinical data from interprofessional practice are seldom included. With the increasing emphasis on care coordination across settings, CDRs need to include data from all clinicians and be harmonized to(More)
OBJECTIVE Liver transplantation is a costly and risky procedure, representing 25 050 procedures worldwide in 2013, with 6729 procedures performed in the United States in 2014. Considering the scarcity of organs and uncertainty regarding prognosis, limited studies address the variety of risk factors before transplantation that might contribute to predicting(More)
Nursing informatics (NI) can help provide effective and safe healthcare. This study aimed to describe current research trends in NI. In the summer 2015, the IMIA-NI Students Working Group created and distributed an online international survey of the current NI trends. A total of 402 responses were submitted from 44 countries. We identified a top five NI(More)
To achieve a cursory review of the competencies necessary for acquire a successful career in a competitive job market, the panel will bring together leaders from renowned academic, successful health corporations, and international leaders in nursing informatics to the table for discussion, dialogue, and make recommendations. Panelists will reflect on their(More)
A terminology for nursing assessments does not exist to support exchange of information and research. A team of nurse informaticts collaborated to create a standard for medical/surgical assessment terms coded in LOINC and SNOMED CT. Nursing assessments represented 106 observation (50% new LOINC), and 348 Values (20% New SNOMED CT) organized into fifteen(More)