Lisiane Pruinelli

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The field of biomedical informatics experienced a productive 2015 in terms of research. In order to highlight the accomplishments of that research, elicit trends, and identify shortcomings at a macro level, a 19-person team conducted an extensive review of the literature in clinical and consumer informatics. The result of this process included a(More)
Big data is becoming increasingly more prevalent and it affects the way nurses learn, practice, conduct research and develop policy. The discipline of nursing needs to maximize the benefits of big data to advance the vision of promoting human health and wellbeing. However, current practicing nurses, educators and nurse scientists often lack the required(More)
PURPOSE Validate the outcomes from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) for the Acute Pain nursing diagnosis. METHODS The content validation of the seven NOC outcomes and their respective indicators was performed using an adaptation of Fehring's model and was analyzed by descriptive statistics. FINDINGS Six were classified as critical and one was(More)
Maxim Topaz, PhD, MA, RN Charlene Ronquillo, MSN, RN Lisiane Pruinelli, MSN, RN Raquel Ramos, MBA, MSN, FNP-BC, RN Laura-Maria Peltonen, MNSc, RN Eriikka Siirala, MNSc, RN Suleman Atique, PharmD, MS Health Informatics Galen Hamann, DNP, RN-BC Martha K. Badger, MSN, RN-BC CPHIMS DivisionofGeneralMedicine andPrimary Care, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and(More)
Electronic Health Records (EHRs) consists of patient information such as demographics, medications, laboratory test results, diagnosis codes and procedures. Mining EHRs could lead to improvement in patient healthcare management as EHRs contain detailed information related to disease prognosis for large patient populations. We hypothesize that a patient's(More)
Health care data included in clinical data repositories (CDRs) are increasingly used for quality reporting, business analytics and research; however, extended clinical data from interprofessional practice are seldom included. With the increasing emphasis on care coordination across settings, CDRs need to include data from all clinicians and be harmonized to(More)
Our aging population increasingly suffers from multiple chronic diseases simultaneously, necessitating the comprehensive treatment of these conditions. Finding the optimal set of drugs and interventions for a combinatorial set of diseases is a combinatorial pattern exploration problem. Association rule mining is a popular tool for such problems, but the(More)
With the pervasive implementation of electronic health records (EHR), new opportunities arise for nursing research through use of EHR data. Increasingly, comparative effectiveness research within and across health systems is conducted to identify the impact of nursing for improving health, health care, and lowering costs of care. Use of EHR data for this(More)